Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Man behind highway liquor ban says he too feels the pinch

Chandigarh: The issue of alcohol being sold on national and state interstates was first conveyed to the Supreme Court's notice by this Chandigarh-based man.

Notwithstanding, little did he understand that his PIL in the pinnacle court would one day likewise leave him without a friend in the world.

As the well known diluting openings in urban areas close, Harman Sidhu says it sucks, since too has been a guest to some of these joints to wet his tongue.

Many bars and eateries in the place where he grew up have been compelled to go dry after the Supreme Court's request.

"I, as well, am feeling the squeeze. I want to drink and I need to go that additional mile to get my stock. I can't acknowledge that a substantial piece of Chandigarh is going dry," the Times of India cited Sidhu as saying. Bulk whatsapp sms service provider

"Roadways should be outside urban communities and to be utilized just for lengthy drives.

"However, because of the Chandigarh experts' goof-up, there are numerous parkways inside Chandigarh.

Source:- Zeenews

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