Thursday, 13 April 2017

Government to boycott all late night and rave parties in Goa in next two weeks?

Panaji: In a noteworthy crackdown against late night and rave parties, Goa serve Vinod Palyekar has guaranteed to put a total prohibition on these gatherings in the state in next two weeks.

Vinod Palyekar says that the administration has officially ceased 80% of these gatherings and inside two weeks, every one of the gatherings will be closed as the police have as of now been told, as indicated by a report in TOI.

"Our drift is swarmed with the deal and trafficking of medications. There is definitely no power over it. We have to stop it. Above all else, we have to stop the rave gatherings and throughout the night parties which are occurring here as there is mishandle of medications in them," Palyekar told correspondents.

He said the police was turning a visually impaired eye to such gatherings which are against our way of life.

"Late night gatherings are not some portion of our way of life. We require not support them. They ought to be closed down promptly," the clergyman said.

Palyekar speaks to Siolim voting public in North Goa, which has a few prominent shorelines thronged by lakhs of vacationers every year.

The priest said he had called police and trained them to stop late night parties.

Regardless of a few notices and updates late night music goes ahead till 3-4 am which is making issues for matured individuals as well as to the understudy group who are noting Board exams," he included.

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