Wednesday, 5 April 2017

For these keralites #love came pinging'

Love is noticeable all around—electromagnetic waves vacillate like heartbeats and each time there is a surge of sentimental feelings, you have a stage promptly accessible to express the emotions somewhere inside you readily available. Adore in the season of innovation is about messaging, voice talks and trading emoticons.

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Calicut-based-mold fashioner Radhika and Trivandrum-based business person Vishnu P K had enlisted on a main wedding site. "We both had run over each other's profile in the site however never tried to 'express enthusiasm' to each other. Afterward, we happened to see each other's profile on Facebook and we could detect a vibe. In the wake of getting to be companions on the FB, we traded the numbers as well. At that point, began the Whatsapp discussions which in some cases went ahead till the small hours. It's through Whatsapp that we came to know each other better. In spite of the fact that our families were not strong of our choice to wed refering to long separation as the reason, we persevered. At long last, love won and we are a couple today," says Radhika, who got hitched to Vishnu a year ago.

Source:- TOI

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